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IMPORTANT: the use of the drug Aranesp 20 mcg is possible only after medical consultation with your doctor. The information provided on the NewPharmacy website is not a substitute for medical advice.

Information about the drug Aranesp 20 mcg: instructions, prices, analogues, generic and other related drugs.

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Aranesp 20 mcg uses

  • treatment of symptomatic anemia in adults and children with chronic renal failure;
  • treatment of symptomatic anemia in adult patients with non-myeloid malignancies receiving chemotherapy.

Aranesp 20 mcg dosage

Treatment with Aranesp should be carried out by doctors who have experience with its use according to these indications.

Aranesp is delivered ready for use in pre-filled syringes.

Treatment of symptomatic anemia in adults and children with chronic renal failure

The symptoms of anemia and the consequences may vary depending on the age of the patients, their gender and the severity of the disease; in each case, an analysis of the individual clinical data of the patient by the attending physician is necessary.

Aranesp can be administered n / a or IV to increase the level of hemoglobin, but not higher than 120 g / l. In patients who are not on dialysis, the n / a method of administration is preferred, because it allows you to avoid punctures of the peripheral veins.

The hemoglobin level in patients is subject to individual fluctuations, including sometimes above or below the desired target values. If the hemoglobin level deviates beyond the target values, the dose is modified, and the target value should be considered as the range from 100 g/l to 120 g/l. Persistent increases in hemoglobin levels above 120 g / L should be avoided, and instructions for dose modification for hemoglobin values above 120 g / L are provided below. Also, avoid increasing the level of hemoglobin by more than 20 g / l in 4 weeks. In this case, a dose adjustment is also necessary.

Treatment with Aranesp includes two stages - the correction phase and the maintenance phase.

Use in children under 1 year of age has not been studied.

Aranesp synonyms and analogues

International name: Darbepoetin, Darbepoetin alpha, Epoetin, Erythropoietin, EPO, Haematopoietin, Haemopoietin, Eritropoietina, Eritropoyetina, Hemopoyetina.

Pharmacological Group: Erythropoiesis stimulators

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Aranesp available forms

Release form: solution for injection 20 mcg 0.5 ml 1 syringe

Manufacturer: Amgen

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