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IMPORTANT: the use of the drug Binocrit 10000 IU is possible only after medical consultation with your doctor. The information provided on the NewPharmacy website is not a substitute for medical advice.

Information about the drug Binocrit 10000 IU: instructions, prices, analogues, generic and other related drugs.

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Binocrit 10000 IU uses

  • anemia in adults and children due to chronic renal failure, including:
  • anemia due to chronic renal failure in children and adults on hemodialysis, as well as in adults on peritoneal dialysis;
  • severe anemia of renal origin, accompanied by clinical symptoms in adults with renal insufficiency who have not yet undergone hemodialysis;
  • treatment of anemia and reduction of the need for blood transfusions in adults treated with chemotherapy drugs for solid neoplasms, malignant lymphoma or multiple myeloma, as well as in persons with a high risk of complications of blood transfusions due to a general serious condition (due to cardiovascular diseases, if anemia was noted before the start of chemotherapy);
  • in order to increase the effectiveness of autologous blood transfusion as part of a pre-dose blood collection program before surgery in patients with a hematocrit level of 33-39%, to facilitate the collection of autologous blood and reduce the risk associated with the use of allogeneic blood transfusions, if the expected need for transfused blood exceeds the amount that can be obtained by autologous collection without the use of epoetin alpha. Treatment is indicated for patients with moderate anemia (with a hemoglobin concentration of 10-13 g/dl or 6.2-8.1 mmol/L), without iron deficiency, if significant blood loss is expected, as well as for extensive surgical interventions, when a large volume of transfused blood may be required (5 or more volumes in men and 4 or more in women);
  • in order to reduce the risk of allogeneic blood transfusion in adults without iron deficiency, before elective orthopedic surgery, in the presence of a high risk of complications during blood transfusions. The use of the drug is limited only in patients with moderate anemia (for example, at a hemoglobin concentration of 1013 g/dl), if they are not included in the program for collecting autologous blood before surgery with an expected blood loss of 900 to 1800 ml;
  • anemia in HIV-infected patients receiving zidovudine therapy with endogenous erythropoietin levels less than 500 IU / ml.

Binocrit 10000 IU dosage

Intravenous, subcutaneous.

Treatment with the drug Binocrit should be carried out under the supervision of a specialist doctor who has the appropriate qualifications and experience in treating patients who are indicated for therapy with drugs that stimulate erythropoiesis.


Treatment of symptomatic anemia in adults and children with CRF: Binocrit in patients with CRF is administered intravenously. Due to the fact that the clinical manifestations of anemia and residual phenomena may differ depending on the age, gender and overall severity of the disease, an individual assessment of the condition of each patient is carried out.

The target level of hemoglobin concentration is 10-12 g/dl (6.2-7.5 mmol/l) in adults and 9.5-11 g/dl (5.96.8 mmol/l) in children.

A prolonged increase in the hemoglobin concentration of more than 12 g/dl (7.5 mmol/L) is not recommended. If the hemoglobin concentration increases by more than 2 g/dl (1.25 mmol / l) per month or for a long time exceeds 12 g/dl (7.5 mmol/l), it is necessary to reduce the dose of Binocrit by 25%. If the hemoglobin concentration exceeds 13 g/dl (8.1 mmol / L), it is necessary to stop treatment until the hemoglobin decreases to 12 g/dl (7.5 mmol/L) and then resume therapy with Binocrit, reducing the initial dose by 25%.

Due to interindividual variability, the hemoglobin concentration may be higher or lower than the optimal (target) value.

Treatment should be prescribed in such a way that the minimum effective dose of the drug Binocrit provides the necessary control of hemoglobin and clinical manifestations of the disease.

Before the start of treatment and during treatment, the concentration of iron in the blood plasma should be monitored, if necessary, additional iron preparations are prescribed.

Adult patients receiving hemodialysis

Treatment is carried out in two stages.

The correction stage. Intravenously, Binocrit is administered at a dose of 50 IU / kg 3 times a week. If necessary, the dose is adjusted gradually, over 4 weeks.

Increase or decrease the dose-no more than 25 IU / kg 3 times a week.

The stage of maintenance therapy. Dose adjustment to maintain the required hemoglobin level of 10-12 g/dl (6.27.5 mmol/L).

The recommended total weekly dose of Binocrit is from 75 to 300 IU / kg, administered intravenously at 25-100 IU / kg 3 times a week.

In patients with severe anemia (hemoglobin) in children receiving hemodialysis

Treatment is carried out in two stages.

The correction stage. Intravenously, Binocrit is administered at a dose of 50 IU / kg 3 times a week. If necessary, the dose is adjusted gradually, over 4 weeks. Increase or decrease the dose-no more than 25 IU / kg 3 times a week.

The stage of maintenance therapy. Dose adjustment to maintain the required hemoglobin level of 9.5-11 g/dl (5.96.8 mmol/L).

In most cases, higher maintenance doses should be used in children with a body weight of less than 30 kg than in children with a higher body weight and adults.

Binocrit is administered subcutaneously.

The recommended dose of Binocrit is 600 IU / kg once a week for 3 weeks preceding the operation (21, 14 and 7 days before the operation), as well as on the day of the operation. If the preoperative period is shorter than 3 weeks, Binocrit should be prescribed daily at a dose of 300 IU / kg for 10 consecutive days, before surgery, on the day of surgery and for 4 days after it. If the preoperative Hb concentration is 15 g/dl (9.38 mmol/L) or higher, the drug should be discontinued. You should make sure that before starting treatment with Binocrit, patients do not have iron deficiency.

All patients receiving Binocrit therapy should receive the required amount of divalent iron (200 mg / day orally) during the entire course of therapy.

Binocrit synonyms and analogues

International name: Epoetin alpha (Epoetin)

Pharmacological Group: Erythropoiesis stimulants

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Binocrit available forms

Release form: Solution for injection 10000 IU / 1 ml 6 syringes

Manufacturer: Sandoz

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