Immunosuppressants are medications designed to reduce the body's immune response or, more simply, weaken the immune system. They are used in transplantology to prevent transplant rejection, as well as in the treatment of allergies and autoimmune diseases.<

Immunosuppressants are most commonly used in patients with organ transplants. A newly implanted kidney, lung, or heart is considered by the immune system as a foreign body that needs to be dealt with. This is due to the fact that the DNA of the donor cells is never identical to the DNA of the recipient cells, although during the patient's qualification for transplantation, tissue compatibility is one of the most important parameters.

Everything that is perceived by the immune system as "alien" begins to be destroyed. The goal of immunosuppressive drugs is to weaken the immune system so that it cannot deny the transplanted organ or become loyal to the allergen. Properly selected immunosuppression is one of the elements that guarantee a successful transplant or the removal of painful allergy symptoms.

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