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IMPORTANT: the use of the drug Acellbiya 500 mg is possible only after medical consultation with your doctor. The information provided on the NewPharmacy website is not a substitute for medical advice.

Information about the drug Acellbiya 500 mg: instructions, prices, analogues, generic and other related drugs.

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Acellbiya 500 mg uses

Non-Hodgkin lymphoma

  • recurrent or chemically resistant B-cell, CD20-positive low-malignancy non-Hodgkin lymphoma or follicular;
  • stage III-IV follicular lymphoma in combination with chemotherapy in previously untreated patients;
  • follicular lymphoma as maintenance therapy after response to induction therapy;
  • CD20-positive diffuse B-large cell non-Hodgkin lymphoma in combination with CHR chemotherapy.

Chronic lymphocytic leukemia

  • chronic lymphocytic leukemia in combination with chemotherapy in patients not previously receiving standard therapy;
  • recurrent or chemo-resistant chronic lymphocytic leukemia in combination with chemotherapy.

Acellbiya 500 mg dosage

Rules for the preparation and storage of the solution

The required amount of Acellbia is collected under aseptic conditions and diluted to the calculated concentration (1-4 mg / ml) in an infusion bottle (package) with 0.9% sodium chloride solution for infusion or 5% dextrose solution (solutions must be sterile and apyrogenic). For mixing, carefully turn the bottle (package) to avoid pricing. Before administration, it is necessary to inspect the solution for the absence of foreign impurities or changes in color. The doctor is responsible for the preparation, conditions and storage time of the finished solution before its use.

Since the preparation of Acellbiya does not contain preservatives, the prepared solution should be used immediately.

The prepared infusion solution is physically and chemically stable for 12 hours at room temperature or for no more than 24 hours at a temperature of 2 to 8C.

The prepared solution of the drug Acellbia is administered only intravenously, drip, through a separate catheter! You can not administer the drug intravenously by jet or bolus!

The recommended initial rate of the first infusion is 50 mg / h, then it can be increased by 50 mg/h every 30 minutes, bringing it to a maximum rate of 400 mg/h. Subsequent infusions can be started at a rate of 100 mg / h and increased by 100 mg / h every 30 minutes to a maximum rate of 400 mg/h.

Dose adjustment during therapy

It is not recommended to reduce the dose of Acellbiya . If the drug Acellbiya is administered in combination with chemotherapy, reducing the dose of chemotherapeutic drugs is carried out in accordance with standard recommendations.

Acellbiya synonyms and analogues

International name: Rituximab

Pharmacological Group: Antitumor drugs

Analogues and related drugs of the medicine Acellbiya (Acellbia):

  • Mabthera 100 mg
  • Mabthera 500 mg
  • Mabthera 1400 mg
  • Polivi

Acellbiya available forms

Release form: concentrate for the preparation of solution for infusions 500 mg 50 ml 1 vial

Manufacturer: Biocad / Russia

Also available different dosage forms of Acellbiya for sale:

Acellbiya 100 mg 10 ml 2 vials

If you need other dosage please contact us

Acellbiya 300 mg 30 ml 1 vial

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