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IMPORTANT: the use of the drug Nootropil syrup is possible only after medical consultation with your doctor. The information provided on the NewPharmacy website is not a substitute for medical advice.

Information about the drug Nootropil syrup: instructions, prices, analogues, generic and other related drugs.

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Nootropil syrup uses


  • symptomatic treatment of psycho-organic syndrome, in particular, in elderly patients, accompanied by decreased memory, dizziness, reduced concentration and reduced activity, mood changes, behavior disorders, gait disorders (these symptoms may be early signs of age-related diseases, such as Alzheimer's disease and senile dementia of the Alzheimer's type);
  • treatment of vertigo and related balance disorders, with the exception of vasomotor and psychogenic vertigo;
  • treatment of cortical myoclonia (as monotherapy or as part of complex therapy);
  • prevention of sickle-cell vaso-occlusive crisis.


  • treatment of dyslexia (as part of complex therapy);
  • prevention of sickle-cell vaso-occlusive crisis.

Nootropil syrup dosage

The drug is prescribed orally, during a meal or on an empty stomach, washed down with liquid.

Symptomatic treatment of psycho-organic syndrome: 2.4-4.8 g/day in 2-3 doses.

Treatment of dizziness and related balance disorders: 2.4-4.8 g/day in 2-3 doses.

Treatment of cortical myoclonia begins with a dose of 7.2 g/day, every 3-4 days the dose is increased by 4.8 g/day until a maximum dose of 24 g / day is reached in 2-3 doses. Treatment is continued throughout the entire period of the disease. Every 6 months, attempts should be made to reduce the dose or discontinue the drug, gradually reducing the dose by 1.2 g / day every 2 days.

Prevention of sickle cell vaso-occlusive crisis: the daily dose is 160 mg/kg body weight, divided into 4 equal doses.

Treatment of dyslexia in children (as part of complex therapy): the recommended daily dose for children from 8 years and adolescents is 3.2 g, divided into 2 doses.

Nootropil synonyms and analogues

International name: Piracetam

Pharmacological Group: Nootropic drugs

Analogues and related drugs of the medicine Nootropil:

Nootropil available forms

Release form: solution for oral administration, syrup 125 ml

Manufacturer: USB Pharma S. A., Belgium. NextpHarma S. A. S., Belgium

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