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IMPORTANT: the use of the drug Mircera 150 mcg is possible only after medical consultation with your doctor. The information provided on the NewPharmacy website is not a substitute for medical advice.

Information about the drug Mircera 150 mcg: instructions, prices, analogues, generic and other related drugs.

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Mircera 150 mcg uses

Anemia in chronic renal failure (according to the NKF K/DOQI classification - in chronic kidney disease).

Mircera 150 mcg dosage

Mircera can be administered either subcutaneously (subcutaneously) or intravenously (intravenously).

The drug should be administered n / a in the shoulder area, the anterior surface of the thigh or the anterior abdominal wall.

The Hb content should be monitored once every two weeks before its stabilization and periodically after stabilization.

Standard dosage regimen

Patients not currently receiving an erythropoiesis stimulator.

Recommended starting dose: 0.6 mcg / kg i / v or n/a once every 2 weeks, target hemoglobin > 110 g/l (6.83 mmol / L).

The dose of Myrcera can be increased by 25-50% from the previous one, if after a month the increase in Hb is less than 10 g/l (0.621 mmol/l).

Further dose increases of approximately 25-50% can be carried out at intervals of 1 time per month until the individual target Hb content is reached.

The dose of Myrcera is reduced by 25-50% from the previous one, if after a month the increase in Hb is more than 20 g/l (1.24 mmol/l).

If Hb exceeds 130 g / l (8.07 mmol/L), then therapy should be interrupted until Hb decreases to less than 130 g/l (8.07 mmol/L) and then resumed, at a dose of 50% of the previous one.

At the target Hb of 120 g / l, the dose of the drug changes by 25%.

After discontinuation of therapy, Hb decreases by approximately 3.5 g / l (0.22 mmol/L) per week.

Correction of the dose of the drug is carried out no more than 1 time per month.

Mircera synonyms and analogues

International name: Epoetin beta, Epoetin, Erythropoietin, EPO, Haematopoietin, Haemopoietin, Eritropoietina, Eritropoyetina, Hemopoyetina.

Pharmacological Group: Erythropoiesis stimulators

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Mircera available forms

Release form: Solution for injection 100 mcg / 0.3 ml 1 syringe tube + needle

Manufacturer: F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd

Also available different dosage forms of Mircera for sale:

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